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RFID Wine Management&Anti-Fake Technology

  • RFID Wine Management&Anti-Fake Technology
    1/1RFID Wine Management&Anti-Fake Technology

Wine Management and Anti-Fake Development Kit & Guidence

1)    Stick the anti-fake tag HYTSAF5026 on top of the bottle or at the neck of bottle cap. 

       One of the outstanding feature for HYUT-AF5026 is capable to tear and destroy

       (Fragile Tag),which can not be in reused. This tag can be input data, and encrypt

       by HYB608. For wine manufacturer, it’s the most efficient way of anti-fake in wine

       market. There is no way to duplicate the tag or reuse the bottle.

       As for Wine Company, could sold the handheld computer HY2600W1DU,

       with special program, to verify and check the information of specific wine

2)    During the production process, upon stick HYSTAF5026 tags , inventory

       management will be much more easy, saving lots of human power. Our HYB608

       and HY804 could read the tags in patch. Install on production line, could monitor 

       the flow of product timely.

3)    Using HY2600W1DU handheld computer as POS device for wine.

       Read the information from bottle, connect to host data base,

       could chase back all the source and information of this bottle of wine.

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  • HYB804

    UHF RFID Separated Reader&Writer support 4 Antenna

  • HYB608

    UHF RFID Integrated Reader&Writer with 8DBI Antenna (Optional GPRS/WIFI/BT)

  • HYUTAF5026

    (44mm*18mm) UHF Fragile Anti-Fake Tag

  • HY3800S

    Industrial Handheld Computer ,IP65 ,4 inch(1.2 Meters) Anti-Drop ,Super Power Battery ,WinCE 6.0 R3, Language Customizable